As the visionary at the helm, the CEO spearheads Raffae's
commitment to innovation and sustainable growth within the dynamic landscape of
mobile accessories. With a focus on setting strategic directions and fostering
a culture of excellence, the CEO strives to position Raffae as a pioneering
force in the industry.


In the role of Managing Director, the emphasis is on
orchestrating daily operations with an eye for efficiency, maintaining the
highest standards of product quality, and ensuring the seamless delivery of
customer-centric solutions. The Managing Director plays a pivotal role in
aligning operations with Raffae's overarching strategic goals.


At the heart of Raffae's manufacturing, the Production
Manager plays a crucial role in optimizing processes. By closely coordinating
with suppliers, managing inventory, and ensuring stringent quality control, the
Production Manager is instrumental in bringing Raffae's cutting-edge designs to


As the Finance Manager, the focus is on stewarding Raffae's
financial health. This involves adeptly managing budgets, engaging in financial
planning, and providing insightful reporting. The Finance Manager's
contributions play a vital role in sustaining growth and facilitating strategic